advanced planning

Advanced Planning

More than ever people are pre-arranging their funerals. Many believe Advanced Planning and Prepay are the same but they are not.

Advanced Planning
Advanced Planning means choosing today all the preferences and options that you want incorporated into your funeral service rather than having choices made for you at the time of your passing. You may also provide all the information for an obituary, etc. that would otherwise be left for those that survive you.

Prepaying a funeral is paying for the services now, at today’s costs, instead of possibly paying more at the actual time of death. This can be in the form of a one time lump sum payment, or time payments made over the course of years.

It costs nothing to plan your funeral service. Nor are you required to prepay in order to do advanced planning. If you choose to do advanced planning and not pre-pay, all of your plan information is stored in our files for safe keeping. That information provides an invaluable guide to your choices and wishes

Advanced Planning and Prepaying provide a number of benefits for yourself and those loved ones surviving you. Choosing to do Advanced Planning or Prepay or both allows:

– you to express yourself;
– more time to consider and research options;
– more estate assets and life insurance proceeds to go to your family;
– freedom from income tax liability;
– you to transfer your funeral plan in case you move away;
– loved ones the time to grieve without worry of financial burden and difficult decisions.

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